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    Import and export situation of sewing machine 超级管理员浏览次数:150 2015-07-15
    China Sewing Machinery Association in the recently released "2010 1-8 month China Sewing machinery industry economic operation situation" analysis report shows: sewing machine industry import and export performance is good.
    Operating costs corresponding rise in overall profitability improved
    With the rapid growth of China's sewing machinery industry output value, the industry's operating costs are also corresponding to a substantial increase. According to Statistics Bureau on the scale of China's sewing machinery manufacturing enterprises statistics show that 1-8 month sewing machine companies mainly cost indicators have different rates of growth, including the main business costs 17600000000 yuan, an increase of 490000000; operating expenses 49.82% yuan, an increase of 1150000000, the cost of management 51.49% yuan, an increase of 31.91%; financial costs 260000000 yuan, an increase of 21.32%.
    But from the industry data, in 2010 China's sewing machinery industry overall profitability has improved, especially since the third quarter, the size of China's sewing machinery manufacturing enterprises sales profit margin increased from two in the three quarter to 4.89%; the cost of profit margin increased from 5.45% in the two quarter to three in the 5.73% quarter.
    Industrial machine exports doubled to pull the industry export growth
    1-8 months, China's sewing machinery exports in addition to embroidery machine due to a sharp decline in the market caused by India, and the rest of the products are stable and rapid growth, especially in the global textile and garment industry to pick up the heat, but also led to the export of China's industrial sewing machine.
    Shanghai export growth in the region is gratifying
    1-8 month, China's major sewing machinery production regions have achieved a substantial increase in exports, especially in Shanghai, Shaanxi, Hebei and other regions, the export growth of more than 90%, Shanghai is the proportion of exports increased by 5.55% over last year, the export situation is worth looking forward to.
    The export situation is stable and the demand of the regional market is more stable
    2010 1-8 months, the global economy has been showing varying degrees of recovery growth, the international market for sewing machines, especially industrial sewing machine demand gradually released, since January this year, the domestic sewing machinery products exports over 13 consecutive months of decline, the first 8 months have achieved a substantial increase in exports. According to Chinese customs statistics, in August China Sewing machine exported a total of $9.85 billion, up 33.84%, an increase of compared with last year raised more than 60 percent, export since the first quarter of present monthly growth, in the second quarter after the amount of exports growth to accelerate significantly, export growth trend evident.
    And the export market, in addition to India due to the demand for embroidery machine has declined, the world's major sewing machinery consumer market demand for the purchase of our products are all across the board growth. According to China Customs statistics, in August China to the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Belgium and other major regional market exports increased by more than 50% year on year, including Brazil, Singapore, Russia and other regional markets, but also achieved a high speed of two turnover. Brazil is more than the United States, Japan has become China's second largest sewing machinery export country, the export potential can not be ignored.
    Import situation: the demand for the transformation of clothing production has triggered a surge in imports of high-end products
    In recent years, China's imports of sewing machine products for the domestic market shortage of high-end products. 2010, in the domestic apparel industry restructuring demand surge, the domestic market demand for high-end imported sewing machine products increased significantly, China's sewing machine imports a large decline in six consecutive years, showing a double rebound trend. According to customs statistics, 1-8 months of this year, China's total imports of sewing machine $230000000, an increase of 108.87%. Among them, the high-end mechanical and electrical integration products and their parts demand growth is obvious, an increase of more than 150%.

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  • JUITA sewing machine Co., Ltd. is a professional production of various kinds of sewing machine of modern enterprises, with ...

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